Ausleger der Brauerei "Goldener Löwe"

Bamberg    - the veritable capital of beer




Lastwagen der Bamberger Hofbräu AG


Brauer um 1890


Brauerei Spezial


Nine independent breweries, two trading malt houses, and one factory for brewing machinery – in no other German town has beer culture been kept as alive as in the Upper Franconian cathedral town of Bamberg. As the river Regnitz flows through the historic city centre so the brewery trade runs like a thread through the town’s history. Ever since Bamberg was founded the production of beer has secured the livelihoods of many craftsmen and farmers: bourgeois master brewers prepared beer, coopers produced barrels, coppersmiths made brew coppers, market gardeners and farmers grew the natural ingredients. Many public building projects came into being by clerical and worldly rulers imposing taxes on beer. On the other hand beer served the citizens not only to quench their thirst but it also provided pleasurable hours in the pubs and on the beer cellars of the town.


The author Dr Christian Fiedler has dedicated his book “Bamberg, die wahre Hauptstadt des Bieres” to the rich historic and cultural heritage of the brewing tradition, which is hundreds of years old. On 228 pages he documents the beginning of beer production from the foundation of the town right up to the present day. He also describes the history of 76 breweries which he brings to life with 300 pictures and maps – a must for all enthusiasts of this beautiful town and its thousand-year-old brewing tradition.



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